Notes While Watching: Mad Max Fury’s Road

On Notes:  These are notes I jot while I watch the episode/movie.  There are spoilers and the commentary is not cohesive, but reactionary.  


Summary:  Years after the collapse of civilization, the tyrannical Immortan Joe enslaves apocalypse survivors inside the desert fortress the Citadel. When the warrior Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron) leads the despot’s five wives in a daring escape, she forges an alliance with Max Rockatansky (Tom Hardy), a loner and former captive. Fortified in the massive, armored truck the War Rig, they try to outrun the ruthless warlord and his henchmen in a deadly high-speed chase through the Wasteland.

Yes, there are other mad max movies, but this is going to be taken independently.
Who are the ghosts that max sees? There are those who taunt him with “you let us die” and then there is the little girl who seems to mystically be helping him.
The War Boys and their Valhalla theology are interesting. Shiny and Chrome.
Immortan Joe with his baby powder chest cover, oxygenator and need to be helped. The whole theology here behind his kingdom is really interesting, although not really discussed much. He’s their redeemer for forever.
Imperator Furiosa goes to get Guzzaline and Bullets from the Bullet Farm.
The water functions as a distraction to keep the non-cult members away from Furiosa.
So we do have some non-whites in Joe’s citadel. Including his doctor.
Ah, how symbolic. Furiosa goes off the road. She goes off the beaten path.
The mothers are hooked up to produce milk to feed Immortan’s family and produce children — his warboys? Are they almost all his kids?
He literally keeps his wives (breeders–they are stuff) in a vault. Our babies will not be warlords. We are not things. You cannot own a human being. Sooner or later someone pushes back. She didn’t take them. They begged her to go.
Why do the Warboys need blood? IS this basically how they get their water since Immortan Joe doesn’t want them drinking water? And since they dont live long, they can’t rebel.
Now we have the sand people. And Furi’s people seem to be older warboys.
Furiosa is fucking clever and badass. THe sand people’s vehicles are meant to blend in to the desert territory.
So, Immortan Joe is all about show. Everything is over the top, in line with his valhalla/viking ideals.
Witness Me. Shiny & Chrome.
First time they see each other. He’s trapped at the front of his car and she’s trapped in the front of her truck.
Sand people seem to have a lot of advanced machinery but warboys have more explosives. I really do wonder about how this land is run/divided.
Rictus is very childlike.
THe wind is really fucking severe in these standstorms with sand and tornado and lightening.
The storsm are beautifully rendered.
I would guess her truck is weighed down to survive the windstorms? Witness me bloodbag. Witness. I live, I die. I live again.
Ok, Seriously, Max is like a supermutant man. A different mutation?
I definitely think there is supposed to be some wierd supernatural shit going on. Its why the Warboy survives so long on Max’s blood and why Max can survive something that he should not be able to. Max is hardcore. He’s ready to start literally chewing this dude’s hands off.
Ok, lets meet, Max and Furi. Madness and Fury.
And he sees a picture out of an illusion. Its like a mirage.
Those are hardcore chastity belts, although they wouldn’t stop a girl from pleasing herself.
Interesting that when we talk of water, we focus on pregnant lady’s belly, like that’s all that is important about her.
Max is all grunting and feral.
Is that just the wind or is that a furious fixation.
If Max would have just talked like a normal human being.
Glory in Me Bloodbag. We snagged her alive. He’s going to shred her. Look at that. He’s going to be so shiny, so chrome. We could ask for anything.
“We’re going to the green place and many mothers”
You’re relying on the gratitude of a very bad man.
He doesn’t seem to care until she asks if he wants that thing off his face.
Warboy catches up to the truck quickly.
The girls conversing kind of reminds me of the witches from Hamlet.
Big rigs, polecats, flamers.
People eater himself
Coming ot count the cost
No unnecessary kills. He’s just a warboy at the end of his halflife.
He is the
I am Awakened.
We’re not to blame. Then who killed the world?
She made a deal with another set of sandpeople.
Her hand is a raptor claw. Because she’s a clever girl.
Where are any of the women in these postapoc worlds? Like, ok, some of the sand people could have been girls, but they had no girl voices.
“All this for a family squabble. Filthy babies” Interesting. So bullettown and guzzleline are a part of Immortan’s empire but NOT a part of cult. They aren’t true believers.
I like the dirtbike grenaders. And again, Furi showing she’s clever with the dirt to put out the fire, although I wouldn’t be surprised if its not the first time its had to happen.
The innocent maidens who haven’t wanted to fight for their freedom. . Oh look boys. They got their guzzoline. Seriously stupid to throw bombs at your gas.
No more flames. The Wives.
My child. My property.
His treasures.
Interesting that they decide to fight now. And she dies for it. Immortan Joe hits her. Rictus literally shoots out his father’s anguish.  Anguish and emotional expression become literal forms of violence.
He will protect us. He gave us the high life. What’s wrong with that. The others take her choice to go back to him.
So he has tumors and then the nightfumes will get him.
This scenery really is gorgeous.
Be careful. Protect the assets. He pulls out a bullet tooth to shoot furiosa.
A baby brother perfect in every way. Immortan Joe is focused on his legacy. A perfect non-mutated legacy.
I am the scales of justice. Conductor of the Choir of Death. Sing brother gun. Sing. Sing.
They free the war rig as they pull down the last tree. The trees were killed by the war machines. Clever use of imagery.
Max takes down the vehicle. Comes back with a shitload of bullets and wheel and we have no idea how.
Now we have the bog crow people. They don’t make a lot of sense either. They’re just neat imagery.
And Max has another flashback. You know, they only know he’s Fool or Bloodbag.
Furi was stolen as a child from the place of green. They’re looking for hope. I’m looking for redemption she says. That’s her road. This really hits home with Nox.
Furi’s on a heroes journey. She has to return to the place it began before she can go to where
One of the Vulvalani. Of the many mothers. My clan was Swaddledogs.
She gets there and loses her hope of redemption because her land is gone. It too has been destroyed.
Thought somehow you girls were above all that. Again, the wives are very naive.
Hope is a mistake. If you try to fix what’s broken, you’ll go insane.
And Max goes because the ghosts of his dead tell him to.
We go back? Back. Hmm. Yeah. I thought you weren’t insane anymore.
All that’s left are his warpups and warboys too sick to fight. And we have Nox. He’s a warboy, bringing us home like he’s supposed to.
At least that way, we might be able to, together, come across some kind of redemption. So Max is looking for his redemption from his dead.
The mayor guy is bloated with super fat elephantitis feet. He’s the people eater. He is literally a lord of consumption (and leader of guzzoline town).
I think we may be meant to be in Australia.
Furi regains her resolve when she sees the wive retaken by immortan joe.
And obviously the warboys have issues processing oxygen, or at the least Immortan’s children.
Witness me. See me. Lady Redhead is the only one who ever saw Nox as a person and not as a warboy.
I’m sorry, I REALLY love the whole war machine song truck and its floating guitarist. Very Shiny and Chrome.
Furi’s only words — Get them home. Home.
Max and his magic damn blood. And then he tells her his name as he tries to prevent her from dying. This is his redemption. To save her and them and give them a new home. Max has to start a new world order. Fury is the catalyst to generate change. To wake him out of his apathy.
Max is on the rig going up. The mother’s pull the water. Then Max poofs back into the crowd, dropping huge distances to do so.
So Max wanders the wasteland in search of himself and walking with Fury on her road was the first step in his heroes journey. His will be a multipart tale and this was mostly her tale.
I love this movie. I am so intrigued by the world. I’ll probably write a more detailed analysis later, looking at the various imagery. Its beautiful to look at. The plot is interesting. I need to watch it with closed caption on to catch all the quiet things said by the girls in the background. There’s a lot cinematically going on here. I don’t like that the ladies are the Vulvalini (the many mothers) but I think that has its own point (that neither patriarchy nor matriarchy work. Its only when men and women work together — those from the wild like the mothers and Max and those from the outposts like Furi, the wives and Nox). Its very rich and layered. 10/10 will watch again.

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