Writing Prompt — Deadly Beings Pt 2

Lightening Dust Storm
San Simon, AZ July 2013
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Continued from Writing Prompt РDeadly Beings

Twenty minutes later, she headed down below. While the walls weren’t shaking or threatening to fall, the broken windows were sending in pieces of dirt and sand that bit into her skin. She’d tolerated that for a bit until it had started to draw blood. Then, she’d swallowed her fear and went below.
Resources were precious, but the dark never did anyone favors. One of the first things she’d done when she found this shelter was haul everything loose upstairs and examined it in the sunlight. Then, she’d perused everything left, splurging on using several of her rare and precious candles and her sole LED lantern to light the rooms. Once that was done, she’d cleared her path to and from what she’d made her bedroom and the bathroom, with clear guides so that she could go to and fro in the dark.
Candles were rare in her foraging, they’d all all mostly melted all over the place, although sometimes you could still salvage the wax.
She mostly made due with various oils. Those had survived. A little bit of cloth and some oil and you could have a decent light source, although she’d learned that sometimes the cooking oils burned with more smoke or smelled awful and sometimes the wicks didn’t work quite as well. Of course oil had to go in a container that wouldn’t burn either her or the surroundings. Glass fit that description but it was both hard to find intact and it broke easily, making her lamps precious too.
She hoarded every source of light she had, using it when the storms lasted too long and being alone in the dark any longer with her thoughts made her contemplate running out into the storms and the creatures who could ignore them.
Making her way to the lavatory – a word she vastly prefered to bathroom, because its not like she got to bathe with any regularity, she paused to grab the change of clothes she’d laid out earlier. She’d treat her current set tomorrow.
In the lavatory, she undressed, used her chamber pot (another word she liked) and dusted herself off. Then, she rubbed down her skin with a cloth and then powdered both her hair and her skin with whatever powder she’d found recently. This one came in a faded salmon box with the outline of a lady’s head on it. Then, once she was as clean as she was going to get, she put her fresh clothes on and made her way through her landmarks to her bed.
These were the things she had learned. Minimize body odor, it makes you easy to track. Maintain cleanliness, it keeps you healthier. Both of which conflicted with Protect your body from the elements, which generally meant covering herself with dirt. As a result, she cleaned her clothes and body as best as she could and as often as possible. Be ready to leave shelter immediately. That rule was the big one. Its why she had landmarks and spent time learning her shelters in the dark. It was also why almost all of her supplies were either packed up and ready to grab or well hidden in stashes she could theoretically return to. And why she slept fully clothed, including her shoes, although she did change out her boots for a more comfortable but functional pair of moccasins she’d scavenged.

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